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IICSR Conclave 2018

The challenges facing our world are increasingly complex and affect corporations, communities, citizens, and the natural environment. For many companies, even those with strong traditions of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility, there is a growing consensus that current models of corporate engagement in society are no longer sufficient. They see that new approaches are needed. 

Fortunately, the past decade has seen an explosion of interest and development in social innovation—a discipline that employs entrepreneurial knowledge and methods to develop solutions to pressing social issues. 

The IICSR Conclave 2018 aims to deliver the following:

  • Clear Understanding of the multiple ways in which organizations create both social and economic value in a world where the purpose of business is being challenged and redefined.
  • Practical Steps to integrate social issues into business strategies, programs, and organizations through real-world examples set by leaders who have led social innovation initiatives.
  • How and Why corporate engagement in society has evolved – from Philanthropy to Corporate Social Responsibility – to Corporate Social Innovation – and how it is driving today’s companies to develop new strategies to create both economic and social value.


  • Why Corporate Social Innovation is Important for a Better Future?
  • All over the world during the past decade, there has been a phenomenal surge of interest in social innovation as a way to achieve sustainable economic growth.

    In this session speakers will discuss:

    • How corporate social innovation works and the impact it can make?
    • Why corporate social innovation is important for a better future?
    • How government should change the future of business and society?
    • What lessons and examples can India draw from other economies?
  • Advancing CSR through Technology and Innovation
  • The change necessary to solve our most pressing challenges in CSR, will require larger and more concerted effort from government, business and social enterprise.

    In this session panellists will discuss:

    • How can technology and innovation contribute to finding solutions to the economic, environmental, political, and social challenges that we face today?
    • How can technology and innovation advance corporate social responsibility and sustainability?
    • How technology can help social sector organizations understand the needs of beneficiaries and communities, target resources effectively, evaluate the impact of programs and services, and leverage big-data to anticipate and respond to challenges.
    • How technology and innovation can help fulfil the promises of CSR and how social media is vital to Corporate Social Responsibility?
  • How India Can Achieve Inclusive Growth?
  • 70% of the poor in India are from rural areas where there is a lack of vital social and infrastructure services, such as healthcare, roads, education, drinking water, etc. The key determinants of rural poverty in India are declined agricultural development, comparatively high food prices, and low rural wages, inadequate government expenses on rural growth and outdated infrastructure. Significant interstate as well as intrastate regional disparities continue to exist in India. Low growth rates and poor public services in the poorer states further widens the disparity in development.

    In this session panellists will discuss:

    • What does inclusive growth entail?
    • What are the major challenges in the areas of governance, investment, infrastructure and education?
    • What strategic partnerships are required?
    • How India can achieve inclusive growth and what role social innovation should play in this?
  • Lifting the Bottom of the Pyramid
  • Despite rapid growth in many of India’s urban centres, rural India continues to lag behind. Growing dissatisfaction in rural areas has resulted in increased urban migration, leading to an explosion of squatter communities, tent cities, shanty towns, and urban slums. Without opportunity creation on a massive scale in India’s more than 6,50,000 villages, it will be difficult to achieve a truly sustainable form of development, and it will be difficult to avoid having the nation divided into 400 million “haves” and 900 million “have not’s.”

    In this session panellists will discuss:

    • How corporate social innovation can help win the war on poverty, unemployment; illiteracy, child labour and women empowerment for those at the bottom of the pyramid?
    • How to get education, healthcare, safe water, sanitation, quality air, etc. to the bottom of the pyramid through social innovations?
    • How to create products for those at the bottom of the pyramid through social innovations?
    • How to grow business at the bottom of the pyramid and bring bottom of the pyramid markets and consumers into the economic mainstream?
  • Public Sector Innovation: Delivering a smarter and more sustainable government
  • As governments strive to balance priorities — including the effective allocation of resources and meeting public expectations — it is becoming increasingly clear that new approaches are needed. Governments will have to innovate and find ways to make difficult things easy in the areas of service delivery, process improvement, regulation and policy implementation.

    In this session panellists will discuss:

    • Why should the public sector want to innovate?
    • What types of innovation can be done in the public sector?
    • What governments can do to foster public sector innovation?
    • How can governments execute innovation in the public sector?
    • What steps government can take to accelerate and innovate?

Dignitaries & Speakers

Bindeshwar Pathak

Founder, Sulabh Sanitation and Social Reform Movement

Suneet Singh Tuli

DataWind Inc.

Priti A Choudhry

Regional Director
CBN South Asia

S. K. Jha (IPS)

Deputy Director General - Narcotics, Government of India

Mahendra Ranga

ADG - Central Excise
Government of India

Stefan Phang

Director - Sustainability & CSR
Diversey, Inc

Subir Mallick (IA&AS)

Additional Financial Advisor & Joint Secretary Ministry of Defence, Government of India

Ramesh Agrawal

Businessman & Social Entrepreneur

Mamta Saikia

Bharti Foundation

Eric Hensel

Co-Founder & Social Investment Advisor, Sustainable Square

Ritu Jhingon

Head Project
Vedanta Limited

Atul Bhatnagar

Former COO, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

Shrikant Sinha

NASSCOM Foundation

Akanksha Sharma

Jubilant FoodWorks Limited

Abhishek Ranjan

Global Head Sustainability & CSR
Brillio Technologies

Meenu Chopra

Executive Director
Fair Trade Forum - India

Aboli Abkari

Head – Partnerships
Dr. Reddy’s Foundation

Rajiv Williams

Corporate Head CSR
JSL Stainless Limited

Aparna Mahajan

Director - Partnerships and External Relations, Sehgal Foundation

Prakash Tewari

Executive Director CSR
DLF Limited

Jyoti Chopra

Galway Foundation

Naveen Soni

Vice President – EA, CSR, PR, BIA
Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd.

Ramesh Kumar Sahijwani

Vice President CSR, IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Vikas Bhatia

Head CSR, Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited

Ashish Sachdeva

Founder President
Green Dream Foundation

Abhishek Kumar

Adviser CSR
NGOs and Corporate

K. K. Upadhyay

Director - Strategic Initiatives
Swasti Health Catalyst

Ranjan Mohapatra

Vision Group

Suresh Vaidyanathan

Head Corporate Affairs
Alibaba Mobility

Chandan Bhavnani

Executive VP – Responsible Banking, YES Bank Limited

Surendra Kumar Mishra


Brajesh Gupta

Program Leader
GMR Varalakshmi Foundation

Soumitro Chakraborty

Founder, Director & CEO

Rajesh Kapoor

Cohesion Foundation Trust

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CSR Excellence Awards 2018 : Rewarding New Standards in CSR

The CSR Excellence Awards is the most inclusive and diverse awards of its kind. It isn't just about recognizing big business for responsible and sustainable practices. It is about rewarding change; building platforms to learn, share and progress ideas; and encouraging the development of engaged and ethical business practices.

This applies to all organizations, large and small: Corporate Houses, SMEs, NGOs, Community and Local Initiatives. It aims to recognize any organization that puts CSR at its core, demonstrating its commitment to change. It celebrates business excellence and innovation in Corporate Social Responsibility across a broad range of disciplines, making it the only one of its kind in India.

Evaluation Process

After a crucial and a detailed verification process, all the application forms and supporting documents will be uploaded on our evaluation software and it will be presented to jury members for evaluation.

  • The first panel of Jury Members will evaluate the uploaded application forms and supporting documents and will identify top five finalists in each category of awards.
  • The second panel of Senior Jury Members will meet to decide winners from among the finalists. All the finalists will be invited in the Awards Ceremony and winners will be announced and honoured.
  • Categories

    CSR Company of the Year (organizational award) | CSR Leader of the Year (individual award) | CSR Practice of the Year (recognition to the best practice in CSR) | CSR Project of the Year in: Education; Women Empowerment; Livelihood; Environment; Clean India (projects undertaken for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan), Poverty Alleviation; Skill Development; | CSR Project of the Year (Industry-wise): Healthcare; Cement; Energy/Power; Banking & Finance; Iron & Steel; Information Technology; Media; Oil & Gas | CSR Implementation Agency of the Year | NGO of the Year | Social Entrepreneur of the Year | CSR Campaign of the Year | Social Innovation of the Year. | State/UT of India Award (Indian State/UT reflecting highest impact of CSR/CSI).

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