Coimbatore Digital Summit 2018

10 April 2018

Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences (Deemed University)
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


Think Big | Execute Smart | Deliver Growth

Today, digital marketing leaders are expected to guide strategic decision-making and drive revenue growth. Digital Marketing Summit 2018 will discuss how to bring digital marketing vision to life as a customer-centric strategy that delivers real results for business and also how to execute these plans with the right mix of talent, technologies, programs, and partners.


Marketing Strategy Supercharged: Charting a Course for Success in a Rapidly Changing Digital World

Effective execution takes a winning strategy, yet many digital marketing strategies lack clarity and specificity.

In this session panellists will discuss:

  • How to build meaningful digital marketing plans while managing marketing's evolving scope and the rapid pace of change?
  • How to supercharge strategic planning, with a structured, yet flexible approach to digital marketing.
  • The key factors impacting digital marketing strategic planning.
  • How to flex and optimize digital marketing strategies throughout the planning cycle

Content Marketing in a Post-Text World

Marketers are moving into a world where text is no longer the primary means of interaction. The growth of images, voice-powered navigation and video across social media, digital commerce and search is changing the way audiences' interact with brands and experiences.

In this session panellists will discuss:

  • How content strategies are changing as marketing moves beyond text.
  • How content marketers are creating voice, image, and video content to drive engagement and conversion.
  • How augmented reality and virtual reality promises to accelerate this change.

Marketing in the Fake News Era

In an era of political and social polarization, eroding trust, and “fake news,” brands aligned with causes are now on the front lines of counter-attacks. Even brands that stay out of the fray may get caught in the crossfire between competitors, customers with opposing values and even elected officials.

In this session panellists will discuss:

  • Why social impact has never been more important (and risky) for brands.
  • How to anticipate potential issues with a campaign or cause and how to minimize fallout.
  • How to use social media monitoring to proactively identify and manage brewing issues.


P. Mannar Jawahar

Vice Chancellor KITS Deemed University

RBU Shyam Kumar

President Cornerstone – Channel Channelizers

Faheem Ahmed

Founder and CEO BYT Social

Rob Peck

Director - Client Services O3M Directional Marketing

Sorav Jain


Rohit Uttamchandani

Head - Digital Advertising & Content Marketing, Social Beat

M. J. Xavier

COO, KITS - Deemed University Former Director - IIM Ranchi

Arunima Singh

Practice Lead-Digital and Social Adfactors PR

Chiranjit Deb

COO Bigwig Media and Events

Logesh Kumar

CEO Infozub

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Digital Excellence Awards 2018

Evaluation Process

After a crucial and a detailed verification process, all the application forms and supporting documents will be uploaded on our evaluation software and it will be presented to jury members for evaluation.

  • The first panel of Jury Members will evaluate the uploaded application forms and supporting documents and will identify top five finalists in each category of awards.
  • The second panel of Senior Jury Members will meet to decide winners from among the finalists. All the finalists will be invited in the Awards Ceremony and winners will be announced and honoured.

Award Categories

Digital Marketer of the Year (industry-wise): Airline; Automobile; Bank; Consumer Durables; E-Commerce; Education; Fashion; Film; FMCG; Food & Beverages; Healthcare; Hospitality; IT/ITES; Manufacturing; Mobile Operator; Mobile Handset; Travel; Tourism; Real Estate; Retail; etc. | Social Media Agency of the Year | Digital Agency of the Year | Digital Campaign of the Year | Integrated Campaign of the Year | Digital Innovation of the Year | Digital Marketer of the Year (individual award) | App of the Year | Website of the Year| e-Commerce Website of the Year | Digital Brand of the Year | Digital Marketing Company of the Year


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